Packy's Sports Pub

Redefining Nightlife: The Thrill of Playing Pool at the Best Bar in Broward County

If you’re a fan of exciting nightlife and love a good game of pool, Packy’s Sports Pub is the place to be in Broward County. Nestled in the heart of Lighthouse Point, Packy’s Sports Pub is not just a pub; it’s a haven for pool enthusiasts. With two meticulously maintained pool tables and a vibrant atmosphere, Packy’s Sports Pub has become the go-to spot for those seeking a thrilling pool experience in South Florida.

Quality Play on Top-Notch Pool Tables

At Packy’s Sports Pub, we take your pool experience seriously. Our two pool tables in Lighthouse Point are routinely maintained and re-felted to ensure top-notch quality play. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, our tables provide the perfect surface for a competitive and enjoyable game of pool. Skip the uneven surfaces and worn-out felt – Packy’s Sports Pub guarantees an exceptional playing experience every time.

Home to APA League Competitions

During the week, Packy’s Sports Pub hosts several pool teams participating in the American Poolplayers Association (APA) league. This league brings together skilled players from the local community, adding a competitive edge to the vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking to witness or be a part of some intense pool action, Packy’s Sports Pub is the place to be. Join the excitement and cheer for your favorite team while savoring your favorite drink.

Pool Passion, Anytime

At Packy’s Sports Pub, the thrill of playing pool doesn’t stick to a schedule. Any time you walk in, you’ll find local players engaged in friendly matches, honing their skills, and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with a shared love for the game. Whether it’s a quiet Tuesday night or a bustling Friday evening in Broward County, the pool tables at Packy’s Sports Pub are always buzzing with activity.

Free Pool Extravaganza

We believe in making your pool experience even more delightful. That’s why every Wednesday from 5 PM to close, and now on Sundays from open to close, we offer FREE POOL! It’s our way of showing appreciation to our patrons and giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a game without breaking the bank. Gather your friends, head to Packy’s Sports Pub, and experience the joy of free play on quality tables.

Unwind and Socialize in a Relaxed Setting

Packy’s Sports Pub isn’t just about pool; it’s also a place to unwind and socialize. Our laid-back setting, coupled with friendly staff and a diverse drink menu, creates the perfect ambiance for a night out with friends. Whether you’re celebrating a victory on the pool table or simply enjoying a casual evening, Packy’s has the ideal atmosphere for a memorable night.

Explore Lighthouse Point’s Best-Kept Secret

Discover why Packy’s Sports Pub is considered Lighthouse Point’s best-kept secret. With its commitment to quality play, lively competitions, and a welcoming atmosphere, Packy’s Sports Pub has become the ultimate destination for pool table enthusiasts in South Florida. Join the community of local players who have made Packy’s Sports Pub their go-to spot for an unforgettable night of pool, camaraderie, and good times.

Unleash the Pool Pro in You at Packy's Sports Pub!

If you’re looking to redefine your nightlife experience and indulge in the thrill of playing pool at the best bar in Broward County, Packy’s Sports Pub is the place to be. From top-notch pool tables to free play nights, competitive leagues to a relaxed social setting, Packy’s Sports Pub offers a complete package for pool enthusiasts. Join us for a game, a drink, and a night to remember!